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Heat of the Moment (Sisters of the Craft)

Heat of the Moment (Sisters of the Craft) - Lori Handeland Received via NetGalley from St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest and completely unbiased review.

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Heat of the Moment is the second installment of the Sisters of the Craft series.

Owen, a recently gravely injured soldier from Afghanistan, returns home to face his past and the increasing likelihood he may never be healthy enough for active duty. He struggles with returning to a town where he was little more than a trouble maker. It doesn't help he will see the girl he abandoned once he went away for training.

Becca never expected to see Owen again. She tries to forget what happened between them and moved on with her life as best she can. A chance meeting brings all those memories to the forefront and reminders of history long buried arise.

The ex lovers come together just in time for the bad guys to find Becca and attempt her life. They know who she is, what she is and wish he dead. Life long secrets will be revealed, betrayal will cut deep and lives will be ruined. Can Owen and Becca set aside their past to keep her safe, or will she succumb to the fate Raye was able to escape from?

That scent of lemons overshadowed the scent of death, and Owen breathed in, out and in again. From the moment he’d met her, she’d cleansed him, healed him, elevated him. He’d become so much more while he’d been with her. He’d become so much more because of her. She had loved him. She had saved him. He’d always wanted to tell her that, but he’d never been quite sure how. What he saw in her gaze made Owen tighten his fingers—to push her away, or pull her closer. He never knew, because she leaned over—so quick he had time to do nothing but say her name. A whisper. A plea. A prayer. And then she was kissing him; he was kissing her. The years fell away. It was their first kiss. Their last. That first one had been tentative—soft, a little afraid, yet so full of hope. The last had been shocked, a little tearful and full of despair. This one tasted of both. How strange. What did she hope for? What did she fear? Why did she despair?

I enjoyed Heat of the Moment because much like In The Air Tonight the paranormal and witchcraft elements were light threaded throughout the story. We see characters return and the larger picture becomes more clear. There are huge plot developments that I can't really get into without spoilers - but it's really exciting!

Unfortunately, I didn't like any of the characters except for the dog Reggie. Slode! I didn't understand Owen because he was very committed to being a solider. I feel like readers with a military background or pro-military stance would click more with his character. I didn't even believe in Owen's reasons for joining the military were legitimate.

I also disliked Becca. I didn't really make any emotional links with her because she was so different. I personally couldn't find a common thread to work with. Her reactions to some of the huge revelations about her past bothered me. She's a very selfish character, but to Handeland's credit a completely different character from Raye.

Handeland weaves a beautiful story but unfortunately for me this wasn't a winner. I felt empathy during Owen and Becca's father's discussion and I felt concern for Reggie's health.

I felt this book was filler to introduce sister number two and set up meet if sister three. I couldn't enjoy the characters, but the story was just as well written as book one. The massive development at the end of the book has made book three look like one that will have tons of action. The end is nigh and I am so excited!

This book will appeal to readers who enjoy paranormal, romance, books involving witches and stories about finding lost familial connections.