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Deal With The Devil

Deal With The Devil - Cynthia Eden I received this ARC in exchange for a completely unbiased review.

Originally on Silk & Serif

Deal With The Devil is your typical Paranormal Romance with a few twists. We see an new race of beings called the Fey, but not the Fey we see in typical romance novels. The Fey are not loving, sweet creatures but rather a culture who struggles with deeply “evil” urges linked to anger, vengeance and lust. The novel doesn’t just stop at recreating literature’s views of Fey, but also ties in genetic research to create cross-breeds: vampire and werewolf mixes that acquire all of the strengths, but none of the weaknesses of the species. So cool!

Deal With The Devil is a novel about friendship, secrets and the eventual revelations such secrets almost always culminate in. Ella is a strong, fierce individual who travels the world for life times searching for her mate. Her shame and pain are hidden behind a veil of strength and confidence. Ella wants nothing more than to love and be loved.

Eric is a man with his own secrets deeply buried beneath iron clad control. He is the director of the PARA Unit, an organization that he has given his life to in order to police creatures that ordinaries cannot fathom. The encounter with a mysterious Ella begins to crack his carefully developed facade. It is only a matter of time before long buried secrets are exposed to the light and miseries are revisited.

Deal With The Devil is the fourth novel of the Purgatory series, yet reads like a stand alone novel. The reader misses the enriched history of each character when they plunge into the story so late, but they can still appreciate the struggles of Ella and Eric.

This is novel is your traditional paranormal romance at it’s heart – completely immersed in the lore and tales of vampires and werewolves. A person would loves romance novels, things that go bump in the night, action and adventure will enjoy Deal With The Devil.