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A Touch of Passion

A Touch of Passion - Bronwen Evans Received via NetGalley from the Loveswept team (Random House Publishing Group) in exchange for an honest and completely unbiased review.

Lady Portia Flagstaff has been in love with Grayson Devlin since she was sixteen years old, and has been saving herself in hopes one day he will see her as the woman she is and not the almost-sister she feels he treats her as. When she's stolen away by a Sultan with plans to make her part of his harem (**this isn't as cheesy as it sounds**), Portia must rely on the only man she's ever loved to save her, protect her and honor her. Yet, Portia will not settle until she finally has Lord Blackwood's heart for her own.

Grayson Devlin is a bachelor of the tallest order. He has a new woman as often as he likes and enjoys the pleasure of the flesh. He risks it all to rescue his childhood friend Lady Portia Flagstaff, and when it becomes clear her honor would be forfeit upon returning to England, he offers to marry her. Any honorable man would do the same. But can he keep his wits about him and keep his heart off the table?

All the while a nefarious person is tracking their every move, focused on destroying Grayson and killing his new betrothed. Can they find their nemesis before it's too late?

I have been having issues finding a book worthy of a positive review lately. Some of this is probably due to bad luck, but mostly I think my dissatisfaction is linked to the monotony that comes from reading the same genre over a long period of time. I came to the conclusion recently that a change in the reading material would help with my disillusionment. So, when i meandered through NetGalley and saw A Touch of Passion I stopped to take a peek. The story interested me and the lovely Loveswept team granted me access to this unique experience.

I enjoyed Mrs Evans' writing style, one that was simple, direct and has a decent emotional element woven into a relationship that, although implausible in the beginning of the novel, became one that you wanted to happen. The characters were real, likeable and flawed. Regardless of the cliché cardboard characters the novel flowed well, and the evolution of the key characters are both realistic and natural.

I have never read any other books in Evans' A Disgraced Lords Series, and to be honest while reading A Touch of Passion I had no idea it was part of a series until near the end. I could follow along without reading the first few books and Evans was able to entice me to read the next book to learn who the villain/villainess of the story turns out to be without any preamble or background. Amazing!

A Touch of Passion is aptly named, the lovers are passionate people, with deeply held beliefs and world views. The love scenes have meaning and tend to develop the story: a refreshing change from the also nymphomania I've been subjected to from some New Adult Romances. The sex is tasteful and spaced out enough that the reader actually reads the scenes instead of just skipping to the part where the plot is continued.

The usual aspects of neo-Victorian literature is still here: mile long discussions, corsets, honor and a strong, independent "modern" woman. Generally I dislike anything Victorian, and dismiss it as boring. Evans might have made me more inclined to try this new flavour of book - so fiery, emotionally charged and MATURE LOVE.

This book would appeal to readers who enjoy neo-Victorian romance, romance in general, a good mystery, and tough Female Leads! Well worth the time!