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No Such Thing as Werewolves

No Such Thing as Werewolves - Chris  Fox Received via NetGalley and Chris Fox in exchange for an unbiased review.

Blair is called to a mysterious pyramid of unknown origin or age to decipher strange glyphs that could possibly revolutionize our understanding of human history. It is there he uncovers the truth: werewolves exist and they aren't our true enemies. He and Liz must release an ancient being to possibly avoid catastrophe, but with the clock ticking can they come to grips with this strange new reality and fix the mistakes they’ve made before it’s too late?

Fox attempts to take the Werewolf lore and make it his own, drawing on old lore and establishing a connection between werewolves and humans like never before. The werewolves aren’t necessarily as evil as we initially believed, and maybe they hold a purpose beyond slaughtering innocent humans for food. The development of a lore that places humans as a race not bred for sustenance but rather the “unblooded” delves into the current’s lore’s weaknesses: if we are just food why not enslave or massacre our population?

It was difficult to read this book and to take it seriously. Fox attempts to establish too many new tweaks on old lore, and develops a story that is entertaining but quickly leaps out of the pool of believability. Although well written and enjoyable, the book itself becomes less serious and more comical after a point. A development of new alterations to lore for not just werewolves but also their assailants (I don’t want to give away any details here!) made the book too obscure for a great sci-fi or paranormal adaptation.

The story still continues on with proper speed and detail: fitting for a book that requires a lot of one-on-one combat, fire arm use and blowing things up. In the style of Cussler, Reilly and Rollins, Fox creates a story that starts with an ancient mystery, sets us up with an enemy who wishes to destroy the world, a side love story, and a cliff-hanger ending to keep readers wanting more. Fox is a writer who will appeal to readers of action, adventure, paranormal and para-military fiction. A great read for a day when you don’t want to be challenged, but want a surprise – this book is anything but cliché.