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Reckless - Priscilla West Received via Netgalley from Blackbird Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

I tried. Lord I tried. I even read this as a satire on the rock star romance craze that seems to on the rise lately. It didn’t work. This book didn’t work for me.
The heroine of this story, Riley meets a guy singing in a dive bar who is attractive and calls her back stage. She decides to sleep with him, and he treats her without respect (not surprising). Later on she’s assigned to the band as their accountant, romping about the tour bus with Jax (our rock star).
My main problem with this novel lies with how dramatic everything is. The story begins with a giant naked concert in a dive bar and leaps straight into men chasing Jax with baseball bats. Riley is an air head, a selfish one that even insults her best friend and work friend.
Ill also be honest and say not even half way I gave up on trying to like anything about this book. I completed this book only because it was an ARC copy. I didn’t care what happened to the couple, one that I never really got any connection to and honestly felt unrealistic.

I want to like it. I just couldn’t. It’s not for me, but maybe it’s for you.