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Blood Crown

Blood Crown - Ali Cross Received via NetGalley from All Night Reads in exchange for a completely unbiased review

Serantha is just a simple girl, who works in the kitchen of a ship controlled and ruled by Androids. In another life she was a Princess, fated to bring together both technological innovation and human tissue to create the next super race of humans with her betrothed Nicolai. She remembers none of this. There is only servitude.

Nicolai disagrees with his father's decision to hide from the Androids who control the other half of the universe. It is this disagreement that leads him on his own quest to save the universe and reunites the young lovers once more.

Nicolai and Sera must find a way to save humanity, and find their own rhythm with each other to bring about the fated Blood Crown. Only then will the prophecies come to fruition and human kind will be safe once again..

I found that this book snuck up on me. I was reading along, not particularly engaged with the book, not connecting with any of the characters until Nicolai come into the picture. It is then that the author's true talent takes shape. I cried, I laughed and I couldn't put it down.

Mrs Cross develops subtle relationships between the characters which include an Android parent who passes on Gifts, and sacrifices himself to save Sera after years of searching for her. The commitment, the love, the selflessness is reflected in both human and android during the novel invoking the question: are humans really any better than the cruel machines ruling over them?

Truly sci fi, romance and partially thought provoking, Cross develops a cute story that starts off slow, but builds a crescendo when the reader isn't looking. The question of what happens if Terminator happened in space, and only souped up teenaged lovers can save humanity has been answered..now to find out what happens after the war.