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Her Last Whisper

Her Last Whisper - Karen Robards Received via Netgalley from Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine in exchange for an honest review.

Dr Charlotte Stone, her hauntingly handsome ghost Michael Garland, Special Agents Tony Bartoli and Buzz Crane join together once more to catch a serial killer. Lena Kaminsky thinks her sister has been taken by none other than the Cinderella killer, and pleas for Charlie’s help. Although Michael begs her not to get involved, she does and becomes of interest to the killer. Can Charlie and the team catch the Cinderella killer before he catches Charlie? Will they be too late to save Lena’s sister?

The novel works perfectly well as a standalone book, the author includes plenty of preludes where we learn about Michael and Charlies’ past, and get a feel for the relationships and tensions between all the members of the team. The reader can quickly get online with the story and get going with only slight disorientation in the first chapter.

Michael is charming, and an enigma – he is a serial killer with a soul. The female counterpart of this story is tough, strong willed and combative enough to offset Michael’s tendency to want to protect her and control her. It’s a fun relationship filled with banter and strong emotional pull. Each character has a history and backstory that reminded me of Criminal Minds with mediums.

If you enjoy mystery, paranormal romance and psychological thrillers this is up your alley. The bad guy isn’t obvious, the author is skilled with keeping you guessing and throwing curve balls. Eloquently written and crafty, this is one of the best novels Ive read in a long time – I think I just found my new favourite author!