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Enslaved By the Others

Enslaved By the Others - Jess Haines Received from NetGalley and Kensington Books - Zebra in return for an unbiased review.

Shiarra Waynest wakes to a horrible nightmare, shes been taken captive by her nemesis Max, and he has a few surprises to keep her acquiescence. Shia has to figure out who to trust, how to escape and how to save Max's captives. To make matters worse Shia is running on an undisclosed timeline because Max plans on taking over enough territories to become an even more formidable foe, and has quite decided if once Shia is no longer useful he will keep her alive..

If you aren't familiar with the rest of Haines' other books in this series you will have a bit of a learning curve before the story really begins to make sense. The entire book hinges on emotional connections readers have developed earlier on in the series for characters, and puts forth very little effort developing further emotional investment in older characters. Alec is just a voice on the phone, Max a cookie-cutter bad guy, and the smaller details are left out of the mix. So, if you haven't read the other books in the series I strongly suggest you start at book one - otherwise all the time Shia spends under ground becomes boring narrative, and her escape just a means to an end for the real story to begin.

Regardless of my lack of history with this series its interesting to see a heroine who isn't bulletproof, and who also isn't weak. She fears her Otherness while being strong enough to know her enslavement is wrong. Shia is a tough chick, who isn't perfect, but she fights for whats right. Her character is likeable, and her friends are believable. The details in the story aren't overtly inconceivable and the world itself is creative. The story doesn't progress with obscenely implausible or improbable outcomes, and Shia's decisions are realistic from someone with her background.

Enslaved By Others delivers a story that's interesting, believable and action packed. People who enjoy paranormal romances will jive with this series, but I suggest starting from the beginning rather than jumping right into the centre as I did. This world is rich and has a broad history that would enrich the readability of this installment much more than trying to catch up during this segment.