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The Troublemaker Next Door

The Troublemaker Next Door - Marie Harte Received from Goodreads' Giveaway program and Sourcebooks Casablanca publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Maddie is an interior designer with a problem: her ex-boss is a pervert and she is now unemployed. Its during this overwhelming day that could not get any worse that she meets Flynn to whom she is immediately attracted. Over the course of months Flynn and Maddie decide to become friends with benefits, that morphs into something more. Can they overcome their own issues to find one another?

I wanted to like this book, I wanted to slip into it and float away from reality. I did. Unfortunately, The Troublemaker Next Door was just not for me. The storyline is predictible, and there isnt much thoughtprovoking going on. The main characters are pretty much what you'd expect from a story that isnt complicated - they're cardboard. This isnt to say that this was a bad story, or that the predictability was an negative aspect, it really depends on the reader's mood.

I hated how Flynn treated Maddie. She was never respected, and he treated her like a hooker (not that she really deserved much better with her actions), and Maddie stormed around throwing tempertantrums whenever she didn't get her way. In short, the characters carried fatal flaws like any person, but the kind that just didnt sit well with me. I found it impossible to respect the characters, ergo I didnt give a damn what happened to them.

To top off this rather bleak review: I dont find plumbers sexy. I know that probably sounds arrogant and stuck up..but i think plumber Im picturing the man under the sink who has more hair than a dog brush and a cleft peeking out from the seat of his pants. No, this isnt my idea of sex appeal. I was hoping that Miss Harte would rectify this for me, but she just didnt. Im sorry, but I kept picturing a portly man with low riding pants.

I also have to warn the reader that anal becomes a part of the story. This just gave me a no feeling..no. Not my thing.

In all this is a worth while read if you want something fun, light hearted and predictable. Its one of those books you read on the beach (or in the privacy of a closet if you're one of those. If you want something like Jane Austen or Elizabeth Gaskell, Id suggest going elsewhere..otherwise if you want something quick and cute have at it. I just found too many elements that jarred with my personal morals, beliefs and comfort zones - otherwise I may have slightly, maybe enjoyed this foray into the land of contemporary romance from the safety of my closet.