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Awaken: The Soulkeepers

Awaken: The Soulkeepers - Lori Adams Received from NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group (Loveswept division) for a completely unbiased review.
Sophia St. James has overcome the demon Dante and has discovered her true calling, a Spirit Walker. Sophia must deal with her Awakening during a time when old foes rise up from Hell to kill her. Meanwhile lesser demons are waiting for Sophia to fully come into her own so they can attempt to bring her over to the dark side (literally). What else could go wrong? Dante is back, and he still wants Sophia to remember their previous life together and will stop at nothing to halt her Awakening.

Sophia under goes major changes as a character: she becomes more capable physically, and gets in touch with her metaphysical abilities to lead lost souls over to the other side. She loses her first soul thanks to Dante, and even ventures into demonic places where she sees how the other half of the immortals live.

Michael becomes a bit strange, and the situation quickly devolves into Twilight country. He becomes obsessive, controlling and even forces an life threatening kiss on Sophia. The cold, cruel side of Michael appears and I cant help but lose a little respect for his character. What could be causing him to be this way?

If readers were hoping for answers from the first book, they best be ready for none. There is some quick foreshadowing concerning the double heart beats shared between Sophia and Michael, along with some Dante memories that appear, but there isn't any major plot developments in either of these situations. The triangle unfortunately continues, and the mysteries stay firmly in the dark. This isn't to say this is a complete waste of a read..

We get closer to the point where Sophia is ready to learn her true heritage (my assumptions, not fact), and the mysteries surrounding her suitors. We dabble in the darker side of the Soulkeepers' world, and discover new entities that can cast spells and see the future. Next up? Vampires and werewolves? God, I hope it doesn't get that cliche.