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Undone - Shannon Richard Received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
When I found this book waiting for me when I signed on to NetGalley I actually made a little sound and danced around my living room. This book was without doubt the cutest and most anticipated member of my recent "To Be Reviewed" pile. This being said, I wanted to like this story so much I even tried to ignore the main character's flaws, the writing style and the slow dialogue. Well, that certainly didn't work, and I'm sad to say that if this was not a review copy I would have stopped reading by 20%-30%.

Let us start with what this story had going for it - the cover: Super cute couple, in love and clearly happy. You know right off the bat that this will be a cute fuzzy tale about a girl who meets a small town boy and falls in love. You know that you're in for a fluff read.


The bad? Richard tries to slip in some serious issues and drama into the story, and unfortunately this drama happens at the end of the book instead of the start. The majority of the book is cute fluff, where boy meets girl, chases girl and girl falls in love. End act. Act two is about the drama they face with Paige's personal life. Although the story could have been set up better (certain drama occurring at the beginning of the relationship to strengthen their bond, perhaps?) the story didn't deviate from the characters..

Paige as a character is self-absorbed (who complains their childhood was awful because they were tall? And to their boyfriend who was ridiculed by the entire town for having a mother who bore children out of wedlock!) and she is literally what Destiny's Child was talking about when they sang about the notorious "sponge". She moves in with her boyfriend, sponges off of him until he kicks her out, and then moves in with her parents and SPONGES off of them (no rent, food, or any other bills to pay!) until she meets her new love interest. She moves in and sponges off him too. Sorry, but for a main character she just wasn't likeable nor could I relate to her.

Finally, this book tries to be so many things that its just not as cute as it could be. There is evidence that the book is trying to play a Evanovich approach to humor with strange community folks sticking their nose into eachother's business, and clumsy behaviours on Paige's part..but there is also a lot of over emotion that just cant fit in a silly story like this. This is the mutant baby where it not sure if its human or ape..

Lastly..well, honestly I just didn't like Mrs. Richard's writing style. Perhaps that's why I hated this book so much. Her narration felt awkward, and her sense of humor is not mine. I'm also clearly not the target audience considering Paige is clear an upper middle/upper crust individual. I'm sure this book is great, but perhaps its just not written for people like me.

I wanted to love this book, I just couldnt. Im sure its fantastic, but it just isn't for me.