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Grimnirs - Ednah Walters Received from NetGalley for an unbiased review.

Grimnirs work for Goddess Hel, doing her bidding and bringing back souls to the underworld. They can create portals, carry around scary weapons and are dressed in all leather. They are not, however, Grim Reapers! Don't get them confused!

Cora has had a rough go of it lately, being in a psych ward and all. It gets even more confusing when everyone seems to not even know she was away - in fact - shes been in two places at once! Or has she? Is it astral projection? Impersonation? Cora must delve deep into the world of Gods and Spirits to discover what really happened the months she remembers being committed.

Echo is a bad ass Grimnir, and hes the only link that Cora has to the hidden world she is now part of. Only he can tell her why she sees Spirits, and he seems to know a little too much about Cora when she's never seen him before!

Ednah writes a novel concerning Gods, spirits, a touch of magic and mystery. Once you think you understand whats going on she throws another wrench into the story. The reader is constantly guessing whats going on, and trying to stay one step ahead of the author.

Cora and Echo's relationship begins to develop at a believable pace, and thankfully Echo never gives up his bad boy persona in exchange for a love sick puppy. The reader is left wondering what Echo wants from Cora and why Echo is so interested in a girl who knows so little.

Grimnirs is a gritty AND witty, with an ounce of intrigue. A melting pot of Gods and modern day life. This book should most definitely be part of the series as its own book - rather than a tie over to the next novel.