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The Worst of Times: How Life on Earth Survived Eighty Million Years of Extinction
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Alice Clayton
The Last Archangel
Michael D. Young
The Maze Runner
James Dashner
Melissa Landers
The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer
Siddhartha Mukherjee
Never Cry Wolf : Amazing True Story of Life Among Arctic Wolves
Farley Mowat

Ambassador Dogs

Ambassador Dogs - Lisa Loeb Ambassador dogs is a mishmash of pet stories that are meant to melt your heart and make you smile. The author, Lisa Loeb, travels through her neighbourhood, and country meeting new dogs and learning their individual stories. Using her trusty (and ever present) camera, she developed a book for dog lovers - a book about their beloved pets.

Lisa tells the story of police dogs and their human counter parts, of rescues and the centers that care for them, of those who have been adopted - or have not, and of pets that help people with PTSD/physical ailments/emotional disabilities. There are dogs who search for drugs, explosives and help catch the bad guys. There are dogs who help us live if we are blind, deaf or have over whelming moments. They are ambassadors because they are a reflection of ourselves.

The premise of this book seems to be nothing more than a cute set of photos to immortalize a few dogs who have struck a cpord with the author. It also immortalizes their owners, or the people who rescued them. In a far less obvious way, this book teaches us about rescue centers and the wealth of canines who are waiting for their forever homes. The rescues are not damaged, so much as waiting for a new lease on life - a new beginning.

Although not the most intellectually stimulating book, this book is all about tugging the heart strings and placating the inner dog lover. This is a feel good read, with plenty of stories that make a bleak world look much brighter. There really are good pet owners out there, and great people who are willing to take in animals who have seen too much. Sunshine and rainbows - but doggie style!

Thank you to Netgalley and Schiffer Publishing Ltd. for the ARC digital review copy provided for an unbiased review!