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Alienated - Melissa Landers I managed to hook myself a copy! What can I say? I'm sick of waiting for this to be published!

Cara is a valedictorian, the queen of nerds, and dating a member of the lacrosse team. The creme-de-la-creme of high school royalty - with a nerdy edge. Its her drive to go to Dartmouth that leads her to the decision to take in intergalactic exchange student Aelyx. He's strange, and most definitely not human. A whole year of this weirdo living with her and her family? Ugh.

Aelyx is not happy about the exchange program either, and has plans of his own to help halt human-L'eihr alliance talks. Humans are destructive, disgusting and over breeding. They are poisoning their planet. What could the Elders receive in exchange of an alliance with this less evolved species?

Its not until threats start popping up in Cara and Aelyx's shared locker, HALO's protesting that is becoming much more violent with time, that begins to falter the alliance. The L'eihr and a few upper crust humans have a secret, one that makes this alliance extremely important. Will the alliance come through? Will Cara and Aelyx's relationship alter the plans to destroy the alliance proceedings?

Alienated is not your run of the mill Alien-meets-girl novel. Its so much more: linking with technology, politics and skimming the surface of what makes us human. In the end are all humans evil, or are there individuals that out cry the good in society? Also, if aliens who are very different from us (infact they're bred to not be like us!) came to earth, could we co-exist?

On a side note: Aelyx sounds pretty dreamy except he has LONG hair. Ew. The picture makes him look like he has short hair. These things matter in my fantasies okay? I had to keep skipping over this hair stuff because long hair is not my thing. Sob sob. Thank god the writing style and the intrigue were so amazing or I might have just done away with this book! Okay, not REALLY..

I cant wait for book two!