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Turned - Virna DePaul Turned is a story about a man, Ty Duncan, who is a FBI agent and a Vampire. His mission? Bring in Ana Martin and have her help him bring down what looks like a philophilantric organization helping out destitute Spanish women and children. Nothing is as it seems for Ana, who learns secrets, the existence of vampires and the events years ago that put into motion the very organization that she must bring down. DePaul weaves a web of secrets, lies and betrayal that is captivating. I found the world rich and fascinating, the concepts refreshing. The book itself had so much promise and I wanted to like it BUT..

The main characters have moments of regression to a two year old state. Ana throws a chair, Ty throws a table..frustration and anger is natural in these sorts of situations, but for people who are supposed to be hardened ex-gang members and FBI agents hissy fits ruin the mood. They also spend a lot of time doing the “I want you, but I don’t think you want me” sort of drama. Okay, but when you clearly both want each other, and have already had sex, I think the mystery is out of the bag.
The only other complaint I have about this book would be that when I received it through NetGalley it was listed as a “Romance”, but this is most definitely erotica. Too much sex, not enough world building and personal growth.

In the end, I am eagerly awaiting book two, and will be reading it once it’s released. Definitely worth a read if you feel like you want a gritty, fluffy read that has some serious secrets that are sure to blow up in everyone’s faces later in the series.

I will be checking out the Para-Ops series as well, hoping it proves as fun as this series, but LESS voyeurism and sex, and more thriller and mystery.