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Pack Law

Pack Law - Marie Stephens I was given this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal.

Pack Law is your garden variety woman-meets-shapeshifter novel. The premise was great, and it got rolling quite quickly (only 35 pages long!). I did find the story to echo so many other paranormal romances ive read recently (notably some J.R. Ward?) but I enjoyed the basic story Stephens tried to develop. The characters were obviously shallow with so little time to develop them, but she still managed to get them into two dimensions, although I found Ava changed her mind about our "hero" very VERY suddenly (like a line separates the decision and its very arbitrary).

I would have enjoyed the story more with more fleshing out, and perhaps more editing. I had a hard time reading this just because it needed some serious editing. I do feel that with time Stephens could have something legitimately publishable with some editing and depth. A great start to a fantastic novel with some hammering and tweaking.