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The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer
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Club Dead

Club Dead - Charlaine Harris Just quick notes here: I am no longer a Bill fan. He never really loved her, and since meeting him her life has kind of fallen apart. I need to add in the part where he leaves Sookie to hook up with his undead lover(yay the witch is dead) and basically gives her away to Eric even though she told him she wasnt property to give away. Can we say not-as-evolved-as-he-says-he-is?

On top of all this, Bill rapes her at one point. Uh, personally I would probably stake this guy first second I got. Half starved or not - this is NOT okay..especially when he was sleeping with his ex girlfriend. He basically just dumped Sookie, hooks up with his ex, and then comes back and forces himself on her. I literally thought, "If he needs sex after feeding, and doesnt care if the recipient is willing or not..what does that say about Bill?" I mean, even Eric worked hard to let Sookie maintain some of her dignity in the bed of Russel's house. AND ERIC IS FAR OLDER.

Nope. Bill. We were buddies, but now? You deserved the torture you got. And although technically you should get brownie points for telling the truth about banging your ex..you left your current girlfriend waiting for you so you could test things out with Lorena! I mean, jerk move. Sleazy.