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At Grave's End

At Grave's End - Jeaniene Frost Oh. Dear. God. Am I reading Anita Blake? Oh. Im not.

Do I want to read book four? No. Will I? Probably in hopes that it gets better.

What started off in the first book as a read that was fantastic, interesting and had great character building has become a train wreck. Each book gets worse, with more garbage plots, loopholes and more awkward exclamations of love from the books' romantic leads.

First off, this whole book reads like a fan fiction, and people have abilities..like flying..that make me want to just stop reading. Honestly? Bones can fly? Bloody hell. I mean, the whole sex thing between them is old. They spend so little time getting to know one another, Bones has bumped uglies with every female character in the books thus far, and Cat flounces around the whole time throwing tempertantrums about how things arent going her way.

Speaking of Cat: I hate her. As a main character shes selfish and needy. She whines when she doesnt get her way, she ignores her best friend most of the time, gets everyone's lives fucked up, and even has the military base moved TWICE. Wait, THREE times. *head desk* She doesnt even seem to feel guilty about this.

And her ablities at the beginning? They're multiplying and now shes stronger than most vampires while still being a half-breed. She can take down a whole gang of vampires now, when in the first book she had issues with one on one? Okay, so shes more skilled and pumped up on vamp blood, but STILL. No real sense of cohesion here.

Bones and Cat are way too much into one another, speaking lovely words to one another in pretty much the most ridiculous times. "Oh Cat, I love you and blah blah..so lets kill some zombies!" Really? REALLY?! And their constant boning while people are within hearing distance? If I were a character in this book, Id have already staked/dismembered/buried Cat because shes annoying and I would get sick of their boinking noises.

Bones miraculously comes back from the dead..because he was just faking it..sorta..due to his newly aquired abilities..well..wtf? Just wtf. Sorry ladies and gents but Frost needs a new editor because this shouldnt have been added to the book. CUT!

Ill read the next one..but the book must lack:
1) Anal sex
2) Cat being selfish, confrontational or arrogant
3) Cat being cool and accepting of Bones' sexual history - love or not, if a guy still kisses an ex on the lips and you're okay with it? HAHA. Unrealistic.

It must have:
1) More secondary character development
2) Decluttering of characters - we have about 50 characters who pop up to say something witty but do nothing for the plot.
3) Bones' next abilities must be not only realistic, but possible within the realm of PHYSICS
4) If there is sex, make it less pornish. What happened to the loving, sensual Bones? No anal, biting or freakly S&M.