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Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead I figured I would write my review for the entire series on the last book because most people who read The Last Sacrifice will have read the five prior books. I really cant decide how to rate this series. A 3? A 2? Ill admit, I read all 6 books in less than a week, and couldnt put them down. I read them at work, on the bus, at home..and even out with friends. I needed to learn what happened to Dimitri and Rose..Christian and Lissa..

However, as a whole the series also strikes me as a 1. I rate it as a 3 for readability and fascination, but 1 for plot holes, moronic main characters and selfishness.

Rose spends a lot of time chasing after Dimitri, and Lissa does too little to keep her relationship with Christian afloat. The whole saving Strigoi? What the hell? It was tacked on there, and apparently "forgotten" for generations. If it was really possible, Im sure that spirit users would have been coveted, not allowed to be forgotten. Jill's character was cardboardish, and another tack on for the plot to progress. She has no life outside the group, and when we first meet her you think shes much younger than she actually is. She idolizes Rose and her friends, and by the end its obvious they are going to use her.

The end Rose loses her connection to Lissa..which really just sucks. The whole book is about their connection and how they learn to handle it. Rose is Shadowkissed..so she is "special" in her own right. Now Rose is about the be a pawn for Queen Lissa's plans, just like Christian and Jill. The character that was at one time kind and sweet transforms into an untrustworthy woman.

And Rose? She cheats on Adrian. Regardless of her feelings for Dimitri, if you dont love someone dont fake it, and when you dump them dont give them BS reasons like "we just dont work as a couple". They worked fine, and their relationship was healthier than the one with Dimitri who was hot and cold for the entire series. The first book? Okay. But all through the series Dimitiri is trying to talk himself into being with Rose? No. In the end Rose should have been with neither, she didnt deserve the ending she got.

On top of all this? Rose doesnt care about anyone but herself and how her own circumstances are fairing. Adrian points this out, and then the whole topic is dropped. No one cares about how Jill will be used, Adrian's situation with his aunt dead, girlfriend dumping him and so on. AND we dont even find out about Sydney..

Sydney just disappears - off to be punished for helping Rose and Dimitri. We dont learn what Abe has on her, or really any of her personal story. Shes just tacked on and then forgotten when her usefulness fades.

I also hated the Harry Potter ideas of "magical schools" because they didnt put in any effort to tell us how humans dont accidentally learn about dhampirs and Moroi. Rationalization of how this society remained so secret with all these battles, psi hounds in the human world, Strigoi and so on..then again in Russia everyone know about Strigoi but in American no one knew about it. What. The. Hell.

In the end, the story had so much promise and perhaps there was meant to be a seventh book of the series? Too many loose ends, too many parts of the story that dont click together thoroughly..

AND NO ONE EVEN GIVES A CRAP ABOUT CHRISTIAN. His aunt is a "murderer" who will be executed(queen killers are executed, remember?)..and they do the whole Lissa is now Queen bit, but never say what happens to Tasha. And honestly, if I were Tasha, Id frame Rose too for murder. Oi.