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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins Im not even sure where to start with this review. I enjoyed it, and read it obsessively until the very end. I pretty much ended up thinking "where the rest of the book?" by the end because really? Thats how she ended book one? Love/hate ending! I loved the cliffhanger but hated it.

I loved the innocence Anna portrayed the first part of the book and her eventual evolution into someone much more experienced. Shes experienced much, but is attempting to keep hold of some of her innocent. Brilliant. I must add that in the beginning I hated her innocence and lack of desire to rebel. Shes a teenager, for god sakes! How many of us did stupid things during that time? But, eventually she stops being so "goody-goody" as Anna puts it, and begins to do things with less than "goody" consequences. I loved this evolution, even with what I felt to be dramatic situations to show her innocence.

The only part of this book that has me slightly leery of the second installment to have a release date in July 2013, is the forming love triangle between Kop/Anna/Kai. Yes, people love these sorts of situations, and Anna needs it to develop more emotionally and be ready for anything more "committed" to Kai..but I honestly like Kop's character thus far and would hate to have to start getting through dialogue where Anna is fawning over him.

What do the other Nephs (Anna's friends) think of the moment Kai and Anna shared together? Marna and Ginger can see links between people, so what do they see when Kai isnt drinking? How will they deal with his lust once they are together(because they will be, or I will personally hunt down Wendy! :o). Oh YES, and what does Anna's father think of the son of lust both standing up to fight for her at the summit and their hand holding at the end when he rips them apart? Clearly, he understands whats going on, and I cannot WAIT to see how he deals with this..being a progressively modern demon and all, who wants change for Nephs amd himself.

And I cant wait to see how Jay and Veronica fix their issues, how they find out what Anna is, and how Wendy intends to continue using Jay/Veronica's characters during the time when inevitably they begin to see Anna's changes and for the final battle (come on, we all know its coming!)

In the end, loved all the minor details, character development was strong, a light spicing of romance that kept me page turning for when Kai finally admits to himself he loves Anna..

My only reason for 1 staring this from 4 stars? There was little detail on why these kids are "working" for their fathers. You learn thats what they are bred for, and their role in the demon hierarchy - but how did this evolve? Why is this so important? The Dukes could readily cause havoc on their own in their human bodies - why do they need children to raise for 16 YEARS before they get to play with them? Each has only one child at a time - why not multiples? I feel this was a huge plot hole.

Oh, and cant forget the impending (and sadly, confirmed) love triangle forming between Kop/Anna/Kai.

Hurry up and write me a SECOND installment, Wendy. I must have answers. Although, not to much hurrying, I lust for the same kind of quality of writing in the next book!