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Touch of the Demon

Touch of the Demon - Diana Rowland WARNING SPOILERS
I haven't figured out how to spoiler mark on the mobile app yet!!

I really wanted to love this book. I did. I love Kara Gillian but in this book she was weak, irritating and apparently every single lord wants to do her. She betrays Ryan with the new lord in her life and just generally behaves like she has a magical vagina. The girl needs to keep her legs closed.

That said, Kara is naive and needy during the entire novel. She runs To the wrong lord, gets tortured..by someone she shouldn't trust in first place..and then runs back to The Lord she ran from and trusts him completely instead?? What the hell? Strong and independent Kara now makes me want to slap her and tell her to stop being so weak. Ugh.

The elements I liked were missing - down to earth urban fantasy, the strong female main character, and the cop work. Even the relationship between Ryan and Kara is fizzling. The actual story is going to fantasy component of the urban fantasy and Kara not only has a magical vagina she must share with everyone but she's also special enough to have grove affinity that gives her lord like powers, control over a lord's blade and thanks to the magical vagina some weird connection to a lord she shouldn't have boned in the first place.

I'm very disappointed in this book, and Alittle sad I pre-ordered it. I was expecting the old Demon series - not fantasy. We need the aspects that make this series great: ass kicking cop who is a summoner on the side. The writing is still superb, but unfortunately didn't help the book at all for me.