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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins Katniss is a girl who is forced to enter the Hunger Games, is successful and returns home. Shes a strong, independent child who has aged considerably from caring for her family. She is in short, a heroine in the making.

The second book Katniss is a little more selfish, thinking only of herself when the announcement of the second hunger games is aired on television. She does put Peeta first, though and attempts to save him. The whole book is about her learning to love Peeta, and her love triangle of Peeta-Gale-Katniss.

In the final book, we see the fall of the Capitol, and the war resulting from all of the things Katniss has done during the games to undermine the President and the Capitol's strict control over the districts. She spends most of the book running around, half drugged, and feeling sorry for herself. She doesn't spend much time worrying about her family, whom she has spent so much time protecting, which seems unrealistic..but whatever.

Peeta and Katniss finally get together
Capitol falls, and the human race has the ability to grow into a peaceful society
Coin dies, she was a terrible addition to the story

Now for the rant:
Katniss shoots down hover planes with arrows. End of her involvement with the war.
They run all over the Capitol to find the president to kill him and she ends up burned badly and misses the WHOLE end of the war
Prim dies, seriously? She had such a minor role in the book, and is basically abandoned by the only person in the world she loves more than her mother..and then we kill her and her sister doesn't even seem to CARE?
Katniss undergoes PTS, which is fine, except she didn't really do anything the whole damn book but get high, whine, sleep, and prance in front of cameras. Peeta keeps it together better than her!
Peeta forgets he loves our heroine, but this is how Katniss realizes she never appreciated him. This would have been a fantastic part of the story to focus on, but instead we focus on Gale and his supposed unexpected harshness. We later see Katniss thinking he was always that way. Yes, he was, but the situation helped him along. Katniss also spent the whole time thinking of herself instead of what Gale experienced the WHOLE time she was in the arena.

Finally, president Snow dies and we don't care how? What the hell? Was it poison? I care very much, he was a lead character in the entire novel. Although, I realized half way through the book that he probably wasn't as evil as Katniss made him out to be. In the end, its Coin who is the evil one, and Snow who is merely immoral. Really, the plot became cliche after that.

I gave the book 1 star because so much is unanswered at the end: Snow's death, what happens to Katniss' mother after the loss of her youngest child, and how the hell Peeta suddenly got so mentally healthy.

Oh right. AND KATNISS DOESN'T EVEN LOVE PEETA IN THE END. She is a selfish woman at the end of the book. In reality, i doubt someone like Peeta would have stuck around for someone who "settles" for him because he's safe. Nor would a man like Gale have put up with her crap.

AND the last chapter just felt tacked on. Here's how all the loose ends tied up, but no details.

What a fantastic waste of a story that had such promise for a VERY memorable ending that would have made this series a classic.

Haymitch is right, Peeta deserved better. So did Gale, her family and the readers.