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The Guardians

The Guardians - Mandy M. Roth This book had so much promise. I was really hoping that there would be more to this book, but I found the characters cardboardish, the story line landed in the toilet by the end and the writing style made me cringe.

I enjoyed the idea of a famous movie star and a girl becoming involved, because who doesnt like that story line? Roth adds Watchers into the mix, those who keep the human population safe from the big bads, and theyre all supernatural creatures as well! Pretty darn cool.

Brady starts out as a ladies man and typical movie star and crash lands as Madelyn's bitch. All the men in the book become her slaves, and all characters who are not related to the main character have slept with her. Not only this, but even though her parents own a movie studio and clearly are loaded, Madelyn cannot afford a bra or two. Can I have her address so I can FedEx her some?

Madelyn is the only character who evoked any kind of emotion from me concerning her personality. I hated her. Shes slutty, and at the end of the book shes also a control freak.

This book could have been so much more, if it wasn't for the de-evolution of its story line for sex, characters blossoming into lesser selves, and the main character suffering from raving nymphomania or severe case of OCD, I might have actually liked this.. Nine times after losing her virginity? Really? And a werewolf that fights via twirling? Ill stick with sparkly vampires, thanks.

Did I mention Roth uses no euphemisms for the sex, and I got the feeling she was using the most explicit words possible for their genitalia as a shock value. I honestly wasn't upset by the sexual content, only the method she used to describe it.

To each their own. No hate mail, please. Most people I know loved this book, so obviously Im not the norm.

I will not read another Mandy Roth book EVER again. One hundred pages of everything I hate about books.