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Undertow, Wunderland #1

Undertow, Wunderland #1 - Jen Greyson Received via Netgalley from Smashwords Edition in exchange for an honest review.

Sangria Henlie is an entertainment lawyer. She is an intern at one of the biggest television studios in America, working on the legal matters concerning the broadcaster’s newest show that will hopefully rival The Bachelor. A great career booster! Except Sangria knows the eligible bachelor, and he’s decided to play dirty with Sangria’s career..
I want to point out that luxury, cruises and reality television sounds like a great book idea. It is. I liked this book for being not only original in the romance scape, but also witty and fun. The cast of characters were fun and delightful. I enjoyed Mateo and his obviously level head. The cruise and reality television rolled into a mini vacation and a great PR gamble. The few weeks on the boat would be great coverage for Mateo’s company and family name. Practical, attractive and intelligent – the ultimate bachelor catch..
Unfortunately, Sangria was terrible! I never connected with her. She’s a spoiled rich girl who hates on Mateo for being rich. She has tons of money and yet feels like it’s acceptable for her to judge people who live just like her. After living on her father’s fortune to get into law school she feels she’s earned a place on an entertainment broadcaster’s legal board before she’s even graduated. She uses Mateo’s affections to wrangle herself a job, and basically blackmails the higher ups. I hated her and her lack of work ethic. Although being a lawyer is technically about being ambitious, using family money and then deluding yourself that you have earned more than you’ve received makes for a terrible person. Sangria never has to deal with these issues, and the flaws were just too obvious to make her an obvious choice for Mateo. Sangria needs more time to mature and grow on her own before she can even hope to attract a decent man.
The relationship between the cast of characters popped about as well as the relationship between Mateo and Sangria fizzled. Each contestant brought their own personalities, histories and lifestyles which are going to be fantastic to see in the following installments of the series. I adored Kat, unlike Sangria skulking around judging everyone, Kat was pretty open about her own opinions. Ill take a blunt racist over a backstabber any day.
I’d suggest this to reality television lovers, romance genre hounds and people who love serials. Regardless of how little I liked Sangria, this book was great and I will definitely be tuning into the next book. Well worth a read!