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Unforgiven: A Soulkeepers Novel (The Soulkeepers Book 3)

Unforgiven: A Soulkeepers Novel (The Soulkeepers Book 3) - Lori  Adams Received via NetGalley from the Flirt team (Random House Publishing Group/Loveswept) in exchange for an honest and completely unbiased review.


Mrs Adams does it again in the third and final installment of the SoulKeepers series. Sophia is finally a Spirit Walker after so many ordeals, but when her soul, in the form of Ka, is taken to hell by obsessive Dante Sophia must risk it all to rescue it. She can’t let her angelic boyfriend (Michael) know her secrets: Ka, her recent history with Dante or the possibility she could lose her soul forever.

Michael, on the other hand, has to find the demon spy hiding in their midst while wrestling with being the newest and youngest recruit for the Halos. Michael must hide the ever impossible relationship he has with Sophia or he could lose everything including his beautiful wings.

I loved the first two SoulKeeper novels and enjoyed the dramatics behind the forbidden romance. Learning of Sophia’s destiny to become a Spirit Walker was unexpected and her training seemed grueling. Although I never understood Sophia’s choice to create Ka it fortunately enabled us to learn more about Hell and Dante’s sad history. Ka’s experiences in Hell allow us to learn about ancient Italy, Sophia’s past lives and Dante’s role in making Sophia who she is in her current incarnation. Adams reveals why Sophia is so special and powerful while leading us to the dramatic conclusion of the SoulKeepers trilogy.

The book moves slowly, working up its pace until the very end. It took me a very long time to work through the first half of the book, yet absolutely no time to finish once Sophia got herself into action. The full brunt of the prophecy comes to the forefront near the end of the book, giving us a new vision for heaven, and extends Adams’ world building. Heaven is full of bigots and are not perfect, but Sophia and Michael can change that. This book was a dooozy in world building, changes and growth for all of the main characters as they come to grips with the revelations from this book. And the revelations are stunning..once you get there.

It will be interesting to see the next series set in the SoulKeeper universe because Adams has totally set us up for more!

I recommended this book for previous readers of the SoulKeepers series, people who love fantasy, angel fiction, romance and new adult romance with a dash of the paranormal. I would say this is worth the read and a fantastic end for Sophia St James and the Patronus family.