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Battle Angel

Battle Angel - Scott Speer Speer uses every trick that makes books sell..and not in a good way..

What the hell was that? I can honestly say epic fail. Sorry Speer, but you pulled a Veronica Roth, on top of a Stephanie Meyer..what was a decent story and interesting take on what would happen if Angels lived among us became a complete, tragic, frustrating boring mess.

I hated Tom. He was random, and didn't act like a military officer at all. I was shocked he didn't get kicked out of his unit with his behaviour around Maddy. Professional, much?

I ended up HATING Maddy and her selfish, whiny..god awful behaviour. She treated both men like garbage, hurt them both in the end and then shrugs off her virginity. She treated Jackson like like a bag of chips that she wanted to try but then decided, "Meh, I want a different kind of chip." Seriously, awkward sex scene..and then Maddy doesn't talk to Jackson at all because shes a self-involved twit who thinks everyone will wait around for her.

Also: Jackson said sex wasn't just sex to an Angel. He lied, clearly. Or this is just another example of how Speer cant keep up with his own lore.

Also, why is Maddy still on Earth? Half-Angel makes her Angelic, meaning she will be called on.

Emily? Clearly bad things happened to her, but no answers.

Mostly I just hated Maddy and who she became. Her Angel training made her a weak, sniveling, selfish child.

Wait, you know what I hated even more? I hated how many loose ends we just left hanging after Maddy decided she'd stay in Angel City to rake in the dough after all other Angels left. Actually, no, the lies Maddy tells to cover up her own greed is the worst part.

I liked the overall plan for the Angels, it made sense and seemed a great way to end it. Returning back to the old city name struck a cord since humanity would just go back to worshiping the rich instead of learning to care about each other from the Angel's example. Yet, the end was pretty terrible, and the execution of the love triangle was clumsy. There was also a marked decline in the quality of Speer's writing. I think he got bored of the series mid-book 2 and never recovered.

Does anyone think Amazon will refund me my money?