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Greene's Calling

Greene's Calling - A.D. Starrling Received via NetGalley and AD Starrling for an completely unbiased review

Note: this book can be read as part of the series, or completely stand alone.

Conrad Green lives in the Amazon. He lives a simple life, filled with simple pleasures and the love of a dog. It has been decades since he had any long term connection to the world, and he plans to keep it this way. He has lost everything that once meant anything to him, and now is content to wait out his immortality alone. When a plane crashes into his Amazonian home Conrad finds details surrounding an assassination attempt against the President of the United States. Conrad rushes to Washington to reveal the plot, and becomes the head of the search for the elusive worldwide network plotting to take down all of the world's superpower nations. Time is running out, can Conrad save the world and get the girl that got away centuries ago?

If you're a big fan of over the top military adventures and paranormal fiction, you might just enjoy Greene's Calling. Melding together high octane action, and a group of Immortals who have special powers Starrling creates what can only be described as Clive Cussler's paranormal cousin.

Greene's character is interesting in that he is one of the members of the Immortal race who has inherited strange healing powers from his lineage. He is no stranger to violence and the life style of a warrior. The long-time obsession with Laura seemed a bit far fetched. A few hundred years and he hasn't found another woman to love? Not only this, but Laura hasn't found another lover either? Im not a believer in long term fidelity after a relationship breaks down. Although, I'm not an Immortal either.

Starrling uses well researched real world data to create a world much like our own, and delves into the question of what would happen if a terrorist organization were to attack all major heads of state. How would tense relationships between countries sustain? How would the security details react?

I did not read the previous two Seventeen series installations, but may read the fourth based on a heavy cliff hanger ending that can only promise more fun and over the top experiences. My only recommendation is to throw realistic expectations out the window and try not to take the book too seriously. This is certainly a fluffy, fun read for when you're on the beach!