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Fly You To The Moon (The Stardust Erotic Romance Series) (Volume 1)

Fly You To The Moon (The Stardust Erotic Romance Series) (Volume 1) - Jocelyn Han ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.

Ava's father dies suddenly, and shes uprooted from the only home shes ever known: Earth. The person listed as her guardian is her uncle, a man she's only met a few times in her life, the earliest she doesn't remember all that well. One problem, he lives on the Moon with the Elites, a group of ultra rich who frown on the common population still left on Earth. The half-Elite blood in her veins might not be enough to save her some grief when Ava reaches the Moon, and even more dangerous her scorching desire for the man who much watch over her in the next ten months: her uncle.

Will Ava and Nic find common ground? Did her father have alternative, match-making motives when he wrote his will?

I want to start by saying Ive never delved into incest taboo ficition before. I spent most of my time reading this work trying to wrap my head around the fact that this relationship was normal for this time period. It turns out later on its probably frowned upon to hook up with family, and even more so to sleep with a charge, but what the hey - if I ignore my discomfort and jump right into the novel....

The overall story was quick, like most erotica novels, getting straight into the "juicy" stuff. Nic and Ana want each other from the first moment, but Nic has a girlfriend Clea. Nic is Ava's guardian as well, so the whole sexual relationship isn't on the table. The tension rises, the emotional relationship forms and we begin to wonder if Ava and Nic will work out their problems.

In 65 pages the author doesn't have much wiggle room for outside characters, or long periods of time for fleshing out the personalities and motives of our main actors. The relationship feels forced, or at the very least, hyper sexual. The characters "love" one another, but their relationship never goes past physical. I give this couple an year before it falls apart when lust fades and the true relationship begins.

This being said, the concept of Elites, a Moon colony and the post apocalyptic Earth was intriguing. I may not be a incest fan, but the book had some solid ideas for a romance or sci fi novel. I would suggest longer length if the author chose to follow that avenue, since the limited page count made for a emotionally shallow story. If you like it quick and dirty though, with a spice of taboo, I would suggest this book.