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Winter Fire

Winter Fire - Laurie Dubay Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy is a Norse god. As you can expect, things heat up between Bren and Jenna, climaxing with the Loki incident. Loki comes down from Asgard to bring Bren back home so that the ancient cycle concerning the end/rebirth of the world can continue.

Ill start by saying I loved the writing style, Dubay has an art for fiction and I can't wait until she hones this skill in character development. I enjoyed the humor, witty banter and the characters of Skye an Bren. I felt emotions from the book which is rare: I felt sorrow for Loki, and adored Fenrir.

The story progresses realistically, Jenna's mother is a perfect hook for reality, and the lore is thought provoking.

That said....

I hated Jenna, she was selfish, shallow and not very intelligent. She didnt piece together Loki's plan, and didnt understand when she was warned about Bren's womanizing ways.
"He's always with a girl, but never the same one twice, do you understand?" I didn't understand. "Yes"
Duh. Even a 12 year old would understand the implication.

Jenna constantly behaves irrationally. Loki is here to hurt you and you stress about goin home to mom? You then sneak out at night and think your mother doesn't notice? She constantly behaves as if she's a child and not a 17 year old who should have some sort of brain and independence.