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Insatiable - Meg Cabot *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*
Okay, normally I dont hate on books. I see them as entertainment - a view into another person's mind and/or fantasies. They're fun. I learn something new, its a bonus. I only need a strong main character, a decent plot and an ending that doesnt make me puke or scream.

I did lots of these during Cabot's vampire novel. About the only thing I found interesting was when she punts a bat off the top of the building - but not enough amusement to redeem a book that either is an attempt at cashing in on the vampire hype OR Cabot's way of making fun of the literature.

First off, it starts way too slow. It took 1/3rd of the book for whats-her-face and whats-his-face to meet. Oh right, Lucien and uh..whatever. I cant even remember their names. The characters were meh, the plot was..more meh and the ending? Love triangle? Really? I get it, a sequel, well played madam. Yet..

Lucien is clearly insane. One moment hes thinking "redemption, salvation" and the next hes thinking "con her into letting me bite her" and the next "i want to make my meal into a vampire so we can be together forever!" *headdesk* Do they have mood stabilizing drugs for Vampires? If not, I have a fantastic guinea pig right here! He starts off as decently cultured, intelligent and hoping for redemption and makes a speedy de-evolution into..Im not sure. Creepy stalker? He sounds EXACTLY like Dimitri Belikov from the Vampire Academy series. "One day, my pretty, my stalking will come to fruition and I will eat you!" Oi.

And the weird Palatine guard? Oh lord. At least his character isnt too insane, over the top or stalkerish. We learn most about him, and his character is most fleshed out. He isnt realistic, though. He was treated so badly when a child and now he wants to save everyone from vampires? Sure its possible, but his reasoning in the book? Do we get it? I dont remember, honestly.

The heroine is flaky, has a useless ability that Im nto even sure WHY vampires would need it. Who care how my food is going to die? Damn. She whines about some totebag, and when she finally gets it? Doesnt want it. Kinda like how she wanted Lucien then didnt want him - but wants the guard guy instead once she has the prince(not a theme here? I cant even begin to take this book seriously enough to remember names..cept the one named after the vampire in Underworld.)

Mrs Cabot, is this a spoof novel? If so..it made me hate vampires like you wanted, but unfortunately just yours. I will not be reading book two. Anyone want to light a bonfire of Insatiable?